Alle IW’d (Part 1 of 3) on Dr. Donna’s podcast, Experience of the Soul

Alle C. Hall
1 min readMay 15

My dear friend and former therapist not only saved my life — she show me how to Iive it.

While Dr. Donna Bevan Lee is unique in my life, I am not unique in hers. As a pioneer in the treatment of childhood trauma, she has helped thousands of survivors.

Dr. Donna began her professional life specializing in mental health issues specific to women, founding an organization dedicated to helping victims of sexual assault.

Her principal focus then shifted to trauma, affecting men and women. Dr. Donna helped develop a workshop for adult survivors, versions of which have been running for more than thirty years. Donna fully rocks.

And bless her heart, she titled the three-part interview: As Far as You Can Go Before You Have to Come Back. As she says, “That’s everybody’s story.”

It wasn’t a mystery to me that bulimia was an eating disorder. But I’d never thought of compulsive overeating as an eating disorder. I just thought of myself as a failed bulimic.

— Alle with Donna on “Experience of the Soul”

Alle C. Hall

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