Question: How do you deal with writing’s emotional roller coaster?

Alle C. Hall
1 min readMay 20

A brave soul sends this question to the universe

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How do you deal with the emotional roller coaster of writing about something in your past that is one of the most painful parts of your life? I’m getting migraines from this. My right arm and hand are also swelling up so badly I’m having to stop writing and ice them for days before I can try to write again.

A brave soul

I never used writing the pieces I planned to publish as therapy. I did therapy on the issues, lots of trauma reduction, which sometimes involved writing. My body and psyche clearly felt ready to write about past trauma when ideas popped and the writing flowed.

Remembering that I have no professional training related to surviving trauma: You are having severe physical reactions when you write about your trauma. I am wondering if it possible to take a break from the publishing-oriented writing and use that same energy to do some trauma reduction? Best possible scenario: with a therapist trained in trauma reduction.

Alle C. Hall

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