Reader’s Question: “Two agents asked for my manuscript.”

Alle C. Hall
1 min readFeb 2, 2024

“Do I tell the second that the first requested it and send to the second if the first doesn’t take it?”

Oh, my word, no!

Until you have a signed deal, you don’t have a deal. I have no hesitancy in stating that if an agent was interested in your book and a similar manuscript came a long that was, simply put: better; they’d drop you in a New York minute.

The agent would be suuuuuper-nice about it, most regretful. You’d still be out on your tush.

Publishing is a business.

Were I in the lucky position you describe, I would tell both agents that I received simultaneous requests and was sending them at the same time. Seems the fairest way to proceed. Not to mention that both agents will be motivated to get back to you; and quickly.

There is a good chance that at least one will ask who the other agent is — which you do not have to reveal.

I have never heard anything indicating that my proposed actions here are out of line with standard practices in the publishing industry.



Alle C. Hall

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